Thursday, October 20, 2005

I sell Houses dot com: There is someone in our city that drives a Hummer, I'm not talking an H2 I'm talking the real deal Hummer. Complete with 35" tires that cost $200 each. On the side of the hummer is the magnetic advertiser that says I ask: So let me get this straight. I use you to sell my house. You get rich and can buy and H1, I still only get to sell my house. Yeah no thanks I'll pass.

On the same note we were watching a Nooma video last night, Kickball. I like to ask the kids goofy questions to get them warmed up like, What store was the kiosk in front of? and one of my kids asked "Nick, what kind of pastor drives a Range Rover." I said Rob Bell does apparently. I then explained to them the size of his church and how God is blessing that ministry with lots of people. The kid just said "oh". I have no problem with Rob Bell driving a Range Rover or pastor's having nice things (I like nice things) but I was just wondering if there are people that think like about Rob Bell and his Range Rover like I do about the Hummer.


James said...

I'm so out of it, I didn't know that a range rover was a "pimped" car...

I thought my taurus was the boomdiggidy.

PA said...

I don't think Rob Bell drives a range rover. I listened to a sermon recently that talked about how bad the church was doing financially... he made it pretty clear that he wasn't making lots of $$$ from the church.

Lease? One thing that people outside of Michigan don't always see is that lots of Michigan folks get ridiculous leases on their cars because they know people who work for the auto industry. So, maybe he does drive a range rover... but he might only pay $300-400 a month. Our pastor drives a brand new pacifica and the church pays less than $200 a month. So.. I dunno. But don't blast him on a rumor.


Nick said...

You don't undertand very well. First of all I wasn't blasting Rob Bell I was just asking if people wonder about pastors having nice things like I do. And in the Nooma video Rob is getting into a Range Rover hence the assumption he owns it.

And the sermon you are referring to Rob never stated he didn't make much money he stated that his church didn't give much money per person compared to the other 14 large churches in Western Michigan. He did state that Mars Hill had far less staff to constituent ration but he never said he didn't make enough money.

I think he deserves to make good money...but that wasn't my point.

Jeremy Keay said...

Well, I found your website because I had the same questions; so I googled "rob bell range rover." For the record, he drives it in 'Flame' too. My guess is that pretty much every camera angle, every location, and every other video tidbit has been carefully considered and mapped out by his crew (In 'Trees' he drives a groovy vintage truck). From that perspective, I think the Luxury 4x4 is a bad idea.

In pretty much any urban centre, you will find Soccer Moms at the mall with their top of the line SUV. As the tricked-out Cadillac Escalade has become the hip hop symbol of excess, the Range rover is an equally potent symbol of upper-class success. If he has his reasons for driving the same vehicle as the Queen of England, that's his business, but if he wants to show that vehicle off in thousands of churches, I think he has made a serious error in judgement.

Does Rob Bell think that Nooma videos will only be shown in richer-than-average yuppie churches? When a church or downtown outreach centre has a smaller budget than the price of his car, they might just miss out on all the other things he has to say. I just hope it's an honest mistake.