Wednesday, July 14, 2004

King Arthur

Probably the best movie I have seen since LOTR ROTK. It was Gladiator meets LOTR and it was incredible. The story line was good, mixing roman rule with England and the tribal people. The saxons invade, and the Roman troops must make a decision, their freedom that they have earned for the past 15 years or friendship and doing what they know is right.

The bowl on the right is a normal sized cereal bowl. The bowl on the left would be the largest bowl of egg drop soup I have ever seen in my life! Posted by Hello

Friday, July 09, 2004


I like teams. I loved playing sports in high school and then intramurals in college. The concept of team is a good one. There is one leader, one director, and then the rest are equal. Each person has a job, a responsibility, and often if they fail at that job the rest of the team will fail. The ability to work together makes a good team.

I was driving to work today and saw a facinating model of team. While driving on the interstate I glanced to the median and saw a swarm of about 8 men all taking care of one job. Cutting the grass. Each man had a different task. There were 2 on push mowers, 2 on riding mowers, 2 weed eating and 2 picking up the trash. They were huddles within 20 feet of the other concentrating on their individual task at hand but working as a team. I thought to myself "what an outstanding model of TEAM! I wonder what company they are with." I looked for their work truck and saw the words in bright orange letters "Inmate Van".

I decided after this rather long glance to look back at the road, safety first. I wonder what the church can learn from a bunch of inmates...many, many things!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I had a dream

No really I did! Yesterday was a tough day. Not sure why, I've dealt with stuff much harder than what yesterday brought me but this was a defeating day. Is anyone really on my side? Do I have any teammates? I wasn't sure the answer and still am not sure but I had a dream that really helped me know I am exactly where I needed to be...exactly where I WANT to be.

I went back to college after serving some time in this church. I was glad to be going back to see my friends and I really loved college but my heart was with my teens and with the ministry at my church. Once I got to college I was so miserable, I felt torn in two and the part of me that I liked better was still a youth pastor reaching teens with the truth of Jesus. I tried for hours to get back to ministry but never could. I was stuck doing something I thought I would love and the something that often causes me pain I wanted to get back to.

I woke up so happy that is was really a dream and that I was exactly where I needed and WANTED to be!

Monday, July 05, 2004

A great qote

I read this quote from Mike Yaconnelli, how challenging!

“Let me tell you what youth ministry is all about. It’s about bringing kids into the presence of Jesus Christ. We are not social workers. We are not counselors. We are not family fixer-uppers. We are not people who put on performances for kids. We are not programmers. We are just people who love kids and who love Jesus and who want kids to know about Jesus. That’s what we’re about. That’s what we do. Of course we help kids with other things, but the main center of what we do is to bring kids into the presence of Jesus. Instead of starting with kids’ wants and needs, we should start with God. Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit comes into the lives of these kids, and all of a sudden the world is standing on its feet at what God can do through the lives of these young people. What a calling we have. What a privilege.”

he's right, I believe all the things he says YW's are not will actually happen if we are leading families and their teens into the presence of Jesus.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Size 20 the shoes look big but keep in mind that I wear a size 12. They were on sale at Sports Authority...I wonder why. I guess they were expecting Shaq to stop by and he never did now they are stuck with these cleats.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Yeah Brett is sucking his own big toe. This is what happens when you leave your camera phone in the youth room unattended.  Posted by Hello


Saw spiderman yesterday. I scored it a 7 out of 10. I feel the set up took too long and they worried about being funny and should have stuck with more action. Doc Ock was an excellent villian and was even likeable. I like the way the movie deviated from the comic book and it looks like Peter and MJ are going to get together.