Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hello my little jungle friends...or to my mac user friends. I found this great dvd ripper program. What is it you ask? Well if you have to ask that then I'm probably not going to be able to help you much but...basically you can copy dvd's to your harddrive in mp4 format. This means you can put videos on your ipod or other portable media device. This also means that you can edit movies in imovie. So for those teaching or message clips you can edit what you want and leave the rest. No cuing dvd's or anything that.

Media Fork

and if you have Pro Presenter- which I recommend for any mac user, you can just import the video like usual.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bonkers: In 1988, De Jesus announced he was the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. In 1999, he dubbed himself "the Other," a spiritual superbeing who would pave the way for Christ's second coming. In 2004, he proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ. That claim caused some prominent members to defect from the movement — including De Jesus' first wife, Nydia, and his son Jose Luis Jr., who started his own church in Puerto Rico.,2933,254360,00.html

I'm in psychoville and this guys the mayor!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Chazown by Craig Groeschel. Since I started reading this I was telling people it was like the Purpose Driven Life but for the 20/30 something crowd. I don't think that's a fair description. In many way it reminded me of the old Sonlife training- foundations, advanced I and II but with a much more spiritual side. It's a good book and a good book to work through. I enjoyed it and was challenged by it. Craig starts out determining the 3 key areas of your life; Core Values, Spiritual Gifts and Past Experiences. Determining these determines your Chazown- God's greater calling on your life.

Then he goes into the five areas or "spokes" that need to in order for your Chazown to be possible. They are; God, People, Finances, Health and Work.

Very challenging and a very influential read!

Oh by the way. Craig Groeschel is the pastor of One of the Christian magazines, I think it was Rev. or Outreach called the most innovative church in America. Neat things are happening at this church and they are using technology to a great advantage. Oh by the way. Their innovative's all free. Messages, videos, promo clips, bulletin covers...all free! So mosey on over to, tell 'em Nick sent you.

Book 8 of 52.

Just one of those days I know I should try to get something down on this blog but I'm just not feeling the inspiration.

Books: I'm going to be moving through books at a good clip and while my first thought is to keep them all on my shelf and acquire a nice collection I'm to the point where my shelves are already full so I need to get rid of some stuff. I also feel pretty silly keeping all these books being that I probably won't read many of them a second time. So basically I need to give them away to a young leader who will read them and pass them on to another young leader. But I have to admit it's hard. I know just the guy though. His name is Phil and he was just a year behind me at Toccoa. He's a good guy, just accredited with the CMA and I think looking for a youth pastor position. So...what's up Phil- hope you enjoy the books.

Mentoring/Coaching: I've been interested in being coached for some time but have yet to really find a coach. I do have a guy that I respect and he's a good resource to me but it's still not the coaching relationship I'm hoping for. I also feel the desire to find a guy I can coach. So I need to give some serious prayer to this and ask me to find a guy that has the desire to be coached.

Chazown: I'm reading this book right now. It was part of the 3 books that Catalyst sent me prior to this year's conference. You can find out more information at This book has really challenged me in a few areas. It's stretched me to dream bigger than I can handle, bigger than I can imagine. One of these areas is in writing. I've known for years that I need to start writing more as a discipline than anything but I need to also write material that will be beneficial to others. God has plans for this.

The Boy: Nathan hasn't been well all week. Today I took him to the doctor. By myself. All alone. Did I mention Heather wasn't with me? Pretty much this was a horrible experience for both Nathan and I. Also I know this might be gross but Nathan has diarrhea. Which for a bigger kid is a problem for a not quite 2 year old it's just a nightmare. I've noticed now that many men's rooms don't have the nifty child changing table. This is a real problem.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I decided that Go, Dog. Go! counts as a book. It has lots of pages and as many time as I read it to counts!

This here ^ a dog party!

Wanna know why I love where I live?

The fact that it's going to be in the high 50's today and sunny!


Monday, February 19, 2007

First Time: So Heather and I were talking the other day how Nathan has never thrown up. Boy is that ironic. So I'm sitting down watching Jeopardy wondering how I can be so tired and it's barely 8 o'clock when all of a sudden Nathan starts yelling like he's in pain. I ask him what hurts and he pats his stomach. I put him on the floor just in time for him to start yaking. Of course I try to catch it which makes no sense at all either at the time or now but hey these things happen.

So right now he's in the tub because I don't know what else to do with him. At this rate he's going to get really pruned.

Beatitude: by Matthew Turner. Unfortunately this is the first book I've read in February. I have plans to read two this week to get back close to pace. The Barack Obama book is good but that thing was kicking my butt so it lays by my bed waiting for my next wave of inspired reading.

Beatitude was a good little book put in the genre of blue like jazz and confessions of a pastor. I wish I knew more about the author and I think I'll take some time to do that. As you can guess he basis his points from Matthew 5 and the sermon on the mount. He was raised in a fundamental, legalistic Christian home and he talks about a relearning Jesus that he had to go through. Much of what he talked about resonated with me and I too have a story of having to relearn Jesus a few years back.

This was book 7 of 52.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Men: So Dad, Nathan and I try to get together on Friday's. Heather's at work so I have Nathan for the day. Generally Nathan's not too busy, considering he's not quite two years old. So I pack him and we go to visit my dad who lives about 15 minutes away. It's always a good time and we just talk and hang out. I also get to see my maternal grandparents who live across the street from my dad. They're getting up in years so I make sure I take every change I get to spend time with them. They think Nathan is the greatest kid in the world and he's a combination of genious mastermind and sweetest boy in the world.

Monsters: Dad and I were talking about politics and religion and devising ways we would save the world, as usual. My dad and I share different world views. He grew up in a mexican home in southern California. He was a minority all his life and joined the Navy to sort of escape it all. He's a typical boomer, but unique at the same time. He's going to college to fulfill a life long dream, I think his goal is to be more educated than me and my sister...we'd better step it up.

So that's my dad. But me, I was raised in a christian home with a fundamental christian world view. I grew up as the majority, never really deviating from what others were doing...until bible college that is. But anyway our worldviews are pretty different, I think I realized that for the first time today.

But regardless we were talking about saving the world and I think we have a pretty good plan. I'd blog it but then others would steal it and then we'd be bitter for the rest of our lives. At some point between Oprah and Dick Cheney we decided that all people are monsters- not that they're the monsters but they lead us there. I should rather say that all people have the ability to be monsters. Don Miller talks about this in Blue Like Jazz. What do Hitler and you have that's so different afterall? Hitler acted on his urges and you manage to restrain them? We talked about how we all could be murders or perverts, so really there's no excuse for sin.

Of course as a christian worldviewist I understand this to be the depravity and sin nature of man. It really erases the idea of this gray area in our lives that we like to exploit for all it's worth. You know the area where neither right nor wrong lives. The area we like to pretend is WAY bigger than it really is. Talking with my dad always clarifies so much in my head and today was no different. The thing I blogged about last night came into so much clarity.

Man is depraved, Jesus died for our sins, recognize your sins, recognize the need for the savior.

There's a little controversy over the humane treatment of these goats but I never fail to laugh about a fainting goat. So for this weeks friday funny enjoy. For more information do a wikipedia search.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Added: I added a few new blogs to my blog list over there. If you're not on this list and update your blog on a regular basis just drop me a comment and I'll put you on.

Wrestle: I've been wrestling with a few things this week. I'll try hard to not be too vague but no promises. Here's what I've been wrestling with. I believe that God's love extends to all people. I believe that the church should represent this grace. I also believe the church should represent the truth of the gospel and that truth is that you must believe and follow Christ.

Are we deceiving those who enter our doors and experience the message of grace? Because one day they are going to find that narrow is the gate and path to life and mostly that following Jesus is not fun, it's not really about what you want at all.

I think that's what I've concluded and of course this thought isn't original with me. Not even this time around. People as a whole want to add Jesus to their lives and adding Jesus to your life isn't a bad thing. Except that if you want to add Jesus you have to It's part of that whole die to self idea. Adding Jesus isn't so much a practical idea either. It's like asking someone to come to your house but keeping them on the front porch. But Jesus knocks on doors...and he's persistent...that's the good news.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Launch: So it's Monday evening and I can't believe that I haven't blogged about our Launch yet. Last night Heather and I just spent some time talking about everything that was awesome about our first Launch Service and it was first then that the gravity of the day sunk in just a little bit.

It's weird because you would think that there would be a sense of finality to our first Launch Service afterall prime objective #1 completed. So some of the exciting stuff.

1. Johnny and the praise band did an incredible job. I also think it's exotically cool that we have a cello in our praise band.
2. Attendance was strong- 110.
3. People connected to each other- the dunkin' donuts at the end of the service at the "bar" area was a huge hit. People hung out and there was conversation and laughter. Perhaps america really does run on Dunkin'?
4. People connected to God- I don't consider myself a "altar call" kind of guy but I thought a message on forgivness should encourage a response. So we had people bring their rocks of unforgiveness to the front to indicate their willingness to begin to a lifestyle of forgiveness. Many people responded...seems forgiveness is a pretty big deal!
5. We attracted young families, that was our goal and that's what happened.
6. Word of mouth continues to be our most powerful promotional tool. If you are known by someone at the Bridge chances are stronger that you will come to the Bridge.

Double: This week I do something I haven't ever done before. I preach two weeks in a row. I'm excited but I have to admit also a little nervous. I put a lot of energy into my messages and I've never done this before. I'll be fine it's just something worth noting.

Preaching: I really enjoy preaching. I want to be the best communicator I can using the gifts God has given me. I'm just glad I get the chance week after week now.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Special: Last night was very special evening for our church. We had a time of prayer and if you know anything about me you know how much I love prayer meetings. I love them like an ingrown toenail and trust me I've had my fair share of both in my lifetime.

But last night I wanted to make special. We started with a time of personal confession and then confession to one another. Then we shared communion together. This was first for our church and something I wanted to do privately before we did it publically. As much as I like taking communion with a congregation I love it all the more with a smaller more intimate group.

Then we prayed for our church, the leaders, and for the services and services to come. Finally following Christ's example Heather and I washed the feet of those who will be serving in the church. Finally I prayed over our group and asked God's Holy Spirit to empower us in ways he never has.

Friday Funny: I haven't done this before but I've got a friday funny for all of my faithful blog readers. Which at last count is a whopping...3! Two of which are paid.

Becky makes a phone call.

The whole lot of em...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I came across this blog entry about my denomination, C&MA, I thought both the post and the comment were interesting, even generating one from the president of the C&MA!

Original post-->here

Leaders Lead....Even if it means Leaving.

I am a member of a wonderful worldwide denomination called the
Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). The name says it all. We
are here to create disciples all over the world. And we have done
this extremely well. There are countries overseas where the only
Jesus believing churches are the native Christian and Missionary
Alliance churches. In fact there are several countries where there
are more C&MA churches then in the US. I doubt there is any other
denomination that has been such a visionary movement for Jesus. If
any of you know my story you know that I am grateful and dedicated to
the C&MA. But lately I have been seeing something that is
disappointing. I see them as leaving behind a group of young and
visionary leaders.

There are two huge conferences that take place in the Alliance
family. The first one is the oldest one. It is call General Council.
It takes place every other year and every church (over 2,000) is
expected to at least send their pastor(s), although there will be
well over that number this year. The other conference is called LIFE
it is the student conference that takes place every three years. I
just heard that they are expecting over 10,000 students.

Now here is the rub. At General Council they have the speakers lined
up and they are all baby boomers. Not one of them is of my
generation. They have been in ministry for 25 years (I just turned
27). Now being old is not bad (I'm headed that way myself) but
ignoring the younger generation is bad. Where are the featured
speakers who are young? Where are the innovated pastors of my
generation. But at LIFE the speakers are young. They are my peers.
They are doing great ministry. Ministry that is good enough to be
heard by students, but not adults?

I am not saying that my feelings are hurt or that I am mad. I am
saying that it looks like they are going to be creating a problem.
Because unless they do some dramatic things to retain the talent they
have this denomination will be dead in a few generations because they
have not handed over the reigns. They are creating two generations of
leadership and real leaders after a while of not getting their chance
to lead will leave to go to a place to lead. I was told by a VP of
our denomination that our generation needs to create our own
opportunities and then we will get our chance to lead. Well real
leaders will leave in order to lead and if he is OK with that then
great. But I am not.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

missions should be the paramount message of any church


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Some pictures:

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First of all this is always funny. A grown man riding a little kids dirt bike.

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Nathan and his friend Calla.

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Brandon and his wife Heather- poor bear's fans!

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Kristina and Hannibal and Kristin.

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Apparently Urlacher is the only jersey they sell.

Monday, February 05, 2007

I thought The Bridge Church might be interested in getting a real bridge...

Free Bridge

Friday, February 02, 2007


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Blogging: Sometimes you just feel like blogging even when you don't have much to say.

Today I took our postcards to the central hampton roads post office in Norfolk. By doing that I save our local post office the trip out there and made the delivery of the cards about 1 day faster. I tried to pay off the lady that received them at the post office but she kept thinking I was trying to buy more stamps. She told me that that post cards should arrive at people's homes tomorrow. That's better news than I was expecting.

Super bowl: I suppose the super bowl is blog worthy. The super bowl is fun because The Bears are in it and one of my good friends, Brandon, is a bears fan. That's nice when that happens. It's also hopeful to us Redskins fan that our team can ever make it back...and if we do math the Bear's way it will be another 7 years...crap!

Worry: In follow up to my blog last week about worry I have to say this week was not a poket full of sunshine. On monday I finally got hold of the print company we were using to print and mail our postcards. We had one a 5k piece mailer before and it was a lot of work that we didn't want to have to worry about this week, especially so close to the Launch. Basically told me they hadn't yet printed my postcard even though they were set to be put in the mail as I was talking to them on the phone. i asked them how long and they told me 6 days. I laughed. They still never quite admitted they dropped the ball in a major way.

So here I was monday at 5pm and we were scheduled to do this mailer. This mailer is pretty huge in the launch of the church, we are inviting family, friends, and co-workers and that's so very important but we wanted these mailers to inform 15k of people ages 18-45 about this new church in their community. The incredibly hard part was that we had two mailers scheduled and neither of them was going to happen. Huge deflator!

So plenty to worry about it, little to do about it.

I called Brandon and asked him what he thought about the situation. He mentioned that one of Heather's friend now worked at a print shop and we should see what she could do about the second mailer. Still I thought we should do two mailers.

So I ordered with knowing that the soonest we could get the cards was thursday. So I placed the order, spent this week working with the the local company ( and picking up supplies for our 10k piece mailer we did last night.

The postcards did get to the house till 4pm yesterday! A mere 2 hours before the crew was showing up to work.

So I say all that to say that here it is friday. We have 10k cards in the mail and 15k being printed to be mailed on monday or tuesday of next week. This week was absolutely crazy and tiring. I worried this week despite my desire not to. But each time I told God I didn't want to worry and that I needed his help.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

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Some pictures of our incredible work crew. BJ brought some of his younglife kids and they did an amazing job. The Bridge was out in full force as well. 3 hours! In all we labelled and stamped about 9500 postcards and they will be dropped at the post office tomorrow.

Tonight We...: Stamp and label...10k postcards. Due to a really bad situation with we are going to attempt to do our first Launch postcard mailing this evening. did the printing for us and we should be receiving them via ups this afternoon. Not bad for a company that received my order on Monday at 7:30pm!

So tonight we label and stamp.

Next week we'll leave it up to the experts at, a local company here in Va. Beach.

I'll post a picture later.