Thursday, December 23, 2004

Seasons Greetings

We Christians are so quick to cry foul when the secular world infringes on our "sacred" things. I think we first need to remember we are only visitors to this world and our stay here is temporary. I also think we need to research things and our traditions to see if we first "stole" the holiday from the secular world and not gripe when they claim back what is righfully theirs.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas Trees

I think it's funny that all over the nation there is the debate of Christmas trees and religious symbols. Last night I was standing in view of the White house (yes the one in Washington, D.C. that the president lives in) and I looked at over 65 Christmas trees representing each state, one of which being the nation tree must have been 30 feet high. In that representation of trees there was a large nativity scene. I think people need to get over it and realize people like Christmas trees and even nativity scenes.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Crack Problem

Crack: I have noticed the overwhelming amount of crack in America lately. It's on the streets, in the grocery stores and I even saw some in Target today. The problem is it's mostly women dealing the crack and it's hard for me to say anything to them...probably because I'm laughing so hard. No women is immune. Any generation is vulnerable. Young women, middle aged women, mothers, singles, they all are dealing with it. If I see one more butt crack I'm going to throw something in it or ask them to come fix my toilet.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Laci's Mom (left) weeps for her former son in law. I can't imagine the compassion in that woman to weep for the person that killed your child and grandchild. Posted by Hello

I have never lost a loved one to murder and I have never had to sit through a trial and look at my daughters murderer and hope he was found guilty. So I don't understand the feelings behind it all but it must be pretty intense to be able to smile about someone being put to death!
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Gotta Kick at the Darkness till it Bleeds Daylight

Stages: I've noticed that my life goes in stages. Not stages like marriage, kids...etc. But stages of things that God is teaching me. I think that pretty normal and each stage is merely a building block for the next stage He will take me through. The funny thing about the stages is when they come about I know is not the final stage but it's like I'm just a tiny bit more enlightened than I was in the previous stage. I always learn a lot and I never have to look for the next stage but rather just grasp my current stage and the lessons I learn and the next stage ushers itself into my life in due time.

Music: I've really been enjoying U2's new album and some of the songs on it. I know people won't like this comment but some of their songs on spirituality are very worshipful for me. I was driving to work today listening and I remembered a time where I felt guilty that I didn't really like Christian music. I remember people making me feel so guilty that I didn't like "christian" music. Of course my views have changed and I don't feel so guilty anymore...just a little weird.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm more than just a pretty face

Worth Noting: Mia Hamm retired yesterday. She was born the same year that Title IX was put in place giving women the same athletic opportunities as men. She really seized the day on that one. I'll try to get these stats right. She scored goals against 32 teams in 15 different nations. She also scored goals in 26 states. She retires as the all time leading goal scorer in International Soccer. Not the all time leading women scorer but all time scorer over men and women. She did a real classy thing yesterday. She played the first half with the name everyone knows her as Hamm but she came out in the second half with her husbands last name on her shirt. I thought that was pretty cool.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I'm really lovely

Rage: I have noticed that people get upset a lot faster than they used to. I see it all the time, in line at a store, ordering food at a restaurant, it's like the faster you can snap and go off the handle the better service you'll get. I really think that's what has happened. If you go loco on someone then they want to put out your fire so people are more inclined to go loco to get better treatment.

I don't play those games!

I don't have too many people go crazy on me but when they do I just look at them. Not a mean stare but a compassionate look, because I really do feel bad for them. If their life is so bad that they get mad at someone backing out of their spot, delaying their wait in line or getting their order wrong then they must have a pretty horrible life. Normally what they want or seem to want is you to freak out back.

Dicky V: If you watch college basketball then you know who this guy is. He basically gets paid to say cool stuff and come up with new catch phrases and is well known for ending loud phrases in "BABY". I'm so jealous of this guy it's not funny. He just sits there with the play by play guy and comes up with crap to say. I love it. Last night during halftime he talked about cancer patients and how they need our help. It's called the Jimmy V Classic.

Underneath it all.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pearl Harbor Day

I normally don't buy political bumper stickers or even put on the free ones but...for some time I've had my eye one one of those support our troops ribbons. But my car being green I didn't want to put a yellow or rainbow magnet ribbon on it. So on Saturday I paid #3.50 of my hard earned bucks to buy a camoflaged one. It looks pretty good and I'm happy to support our troops.


Saturday, December 04, 2004

With all my talk of American Greed lately it was quite a relief to see that there are still dedicated college students willing to give up their Saturday...and their clothes to help kids with cancer. It might be sunny but it was about 45 degrees with a slight breeze. Posted by Hello

Friday, December 03, 2004

Would you?

Scott Peterson's family must be going through some very rough times. I don't mean to minimize what Laci's family has had to endure but my attention has been pulled to the Peterson's. First they had to accept that their loving son is a murderer, to accept that a family member is capable of murder has to be horrendous. Then they have to feel guilt for what he did to Laci's family. Then they have to realize that their own son may be put to death for what he did.

It got me thinking how much Scott must be loved for his parents and family and friends to plea for his life. They really value his life even though he did not value Laci or his baby's life.

Wearing under

Steriods: Oh big suprise that Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi have both testified to using steriods. The funny thing is from the sounds of it no one is going to come down on Barry Bonds for using. He has broken almost every homerun record....hooray...he's on the juice. So does it count? Not in my mind. The power of the asterick*.

College Basketball: I think that college basketball is my second favorite sport to watch. I used to loathe professional sports, I was enthralled as a kid watching them play on tv, but then as an adult I realized all the showboating and big money and the air was let out of my enthusiasm. But college sports, now that atheltics. Athletes compete for...well the victory. I realize some of the guys hope for big contracts, endorsements and stuff like that but for the short few years they play in college they are untouchable by the greed of America.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


I've been reading a ton of books lately. It's not incredibly unusual for me to be reading but the number of books has been quite alarming.

Searching for God knows what; Don Miller: it wasn't the life changing book that blue like jazz was but it was an excellent part two. I love anything that comes out by this guy and I can't wait till he puts something else out. My wife says that if he were the leader of a cult I'd join. I argue with her that not only would I join I'd be his head disciple. I value his honesty, his struggles and his willingness to admit he doesn't have it all figured out.

Messy Spirituality; Mike Yaconelli: Written by the late great Yaconelli. I hear this guy was incredible. I never had the chance to meet him but I know I would have liked him. Again a man willing to admit that the walk with Christ is not easy and full more of questions than answers. It was interesting because I heard God telling me to read this book before I preached last sunday. My text was from John 4 and the samaritan woman. I picked up this book and suddenly he's talking about John 4 and teh samaritan woman, God is good like that.

Making sense of church; Spencer Burke: Burke is the founder of I have to admit that when I found out theooze was church of christ I quit going to it. There was a time when I loved the website but when I found out his affiliation I bailed. What can I say...I was young and arrogant. After reading this book I wished I would have stuck around. Basically it's a hard look at the emergent church and how church must adapt to the culture. Using post from the forums on theooze he touches on topics like leadership, mission, worship, and several others. I like the story he gives at the end. The moral; either get on board with where church is going or get off the cart. There is no shame in getting off the cart but don't be responsible for holding church away from culture.