Friday, August 29, 2008

What's a guy to do?



Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random thoughts...

aren't they all?

While grinding out a few miles on the treadmill this morning I saw on one of the wall tv's that Michael Phelps was on the Today Show. I like Phelps and think his 8 golds are amazing so I wanted to hear him talk. I also like to hear him speak because in between phrases he makes this hilarious "aaahhhhh" nasal sound that cracks me up, every time with out fail.

But I really do admire him as an athlete. He mentioned that he got to meet Tiger Woods yesterday. I can't find the picture online but when I do I'll post it. It's a shot of them meeting and then embracing. Michael Phelps said in the interview, quite absent of the nasal ahhhhs, that it was just a regular conversation and then he said something that moved me. Phelps said "He told me I did a good job and that he was proud of me."


I don't think I realized until today, or perhaps I forgot and was reminded today how powerful those words are. I'm not sure this statement is true for women but I know for men, at least most men, that these words are incredibly powerful. I'm proud of you.

It's so seldom heard, I think some might even view it as demeaning. We might get recognition through our jobs, from our bosses, from our wives/husbands or our children. But it takes someone that we respect, someone that is more advanced than us or more experienced that us or someone's whose opinion we value. I think it's most powerful from someone that is part of your life but not in the day to day grind with you.

I digress.

I'm proud of you...

Donald Miller and Barack Obama

As a follow up to the video of Don Miller giving the benediction for the DNC the other night I got an email from Don this morning explaining a little bit more about his ongoing relationship with Barack and how they got to know each other.

You can read about it on Don's blog.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Donald Miller

Looks like Don wanted to be like me and lost some weight. I'm guessing his cross country bike trip helped out as well.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Confessions of free spirit

I thought I should give a little plug for my friend Kristin Garrett. While I'm jealous of her that she has a book published before I do I'm also very proud of her and want to let you know about her book.

Here is the link to the publisher and also where you can buy the book online Confessions of a Free Spirit.

"In Confessions of a Free Spirit: A Girl’s Guide to Finding Herself in an Image-Obsessed Culture, Kristin Garrett tells sincerely of her experience as a self-declared free spirit trying to find her place as a Christian and as her own person in a society that makes girls feel like they must fit a certain type to be worth knowing and loving. Garrett discusses pertinent issues to middle- and high-school girls, speaking honestly about self-confidence, the media, guys, and community. Perhaps most importantly, she moves away from legalism and formulaic answers in favor of the importance of the presence and movement of the Holy Spirit through surrender. Through her unique writing style, she addresses her reader personally, like an older sister or good friend, scattering journal entries throughout and connecting closely with the reader. Teenage girls will connect emotionally and practically with the experiences and insights in Confessions of a Free Spirit, and in doing so, they will come to see themselves and their relationships with Christ as beautiful, active, and healing. "


Wow- so it's been a while. I'm noticing a trend...

Well in case you don't know I love the olympics. I love all the sports that we don't really have here like badminton, or the ones we don't get to see on tv much like kayaking and rowing. I love seeing Michael Phelps win medals and I love hearing him speak. He's the Rocky Balboa of the pool.

I love seeing Team USA (basketball) playing some defense this morning against Greece. I know there are dopers and cheaters and I know the athletes are sponsored and therefore paid but I still believe there is something pure about olympic athletes. I noticed a fire in the eyes of the basketball team this morning as they realized it was a dollar bill they were playing for but the pride of representing their nation.