Thursday, September 28, 2006

Likely incoherent *read at your own risk*


Post Liquid: I’ve live through the post 9/11 flying procedure and while there were some inconveniences during the whole process I think we all understood and handled well the new restrictions. Things might take longer but flights would be safer.

I also recognize that a major terror plot was uncovered in England where gels were involved and we’ll never know the potential tragedy that was averted because of intelligence….but…. I really have to admit that the whole gel/liquid ban is just crazy. I’m not saying it’s unnecessary but it is simply crazy.

Trans-Atlantic Part 1: The trip across was one of the more comfortable I’ve ever had. The plane had TV’s for every seat and played several movies including RV and X3- which was a great way to pass 2 hours by watching X3. The best part was the two seats next to me opened up so I could really spread out. I also finished the book I’ve been reading and listened to a few pod casts I’ve been needing to get to.

Vienna: We went into Vienna today, which sure beat the heck out of spending 14 hours in the airport. We spent about 9 hours out in the city and are now here in the airport spending our remaining 5- layovers are going to be in hell- I’m sure of it.

Vienna was…unimpressive. It is a European city, which is neat but doesn’t hold a candle to Krakow or Prague. Vienna is also expensive! But it was a good day and considering I’m operating on about half hour of sleep it’s been a great day. I like my travel mates and we’ve had fun.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

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Light: Today I woke up at that precarious point where the darkness of night seems to be at its strongest. It's that point where you actually start to wonder if the sun is going to rise to push away the darkness. Today that happened to be 5:15 am. I finally decided that I would have faith that the sun would rise today. Here I sit typing this blog entry starting to see the glimpses of light on the world but still in fact having my doubts as to whether the sun will make it up today...

Celebrate: I want to celebrate some people stepping into leadership roles the past few weeks. I began to forget the perspective change that occurs when you step from participant to leader of a certain group or ministry. Their excitement is exciting to me. So hooray for these people.

Kristy O'Neal: leading our next preview event- 2006 Bridge Community Festival

Robert and Jenni LaCroix: now leading our Thursday night small group- Starting Point.

Mark and Maylene Garrett: facilitating and coodinating leadership for our children's programming for our Sunday afternoon family small group.

Brandon Boyd: serving as my "bounce things off of guy". Great minds think alike...but fools never differ.

I'll stop before this starts to sound like the inside of a cd cover.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Devil's Highway: Probably the spookiest book I've ever read. I think it was the first book that I just sat down and finished so I could be done with it and not have it plague my thoughts any longer. With that said thought the book was worth every penny I paid for it. A story of mexican entrants into the United States. It starts in Veracruz, Mexico way down on the border and it ends in Arizona with 14 of the 26 immigrants dead in the desert and the others severly damaged to the point of death by the sun.

It's a story of immigration but moreso a story of the illegal trade of people that happens every day. I know now that most mexicans don't wake up and decide they're going to hop the border and go work at Bennett's Creek Nursery, your local construction company, or McDonald's. They are lured by rich mexicans that tell them their money is in the united states. They are charged thousands of dollars and shipped to the border when they are continually charged until they start the walk from Mexico through the Arizona desert, hiding from border patrol the whole time. Every step of their journey someone is there pulling in profit from the point they leave their home to the point they die in the desert or the point they are found a job in Chicago, Washington DC or Suffolk, VA.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Special Delivery: We were finally able to deliver the pictures from the Back to School Party. We had about 10 to deliver, all to people in our neighborhood. A few people weren't home but most were. We used the delivery as opportunity for some conversation as well as to invite our neighbors to a new Life Group we'll be starting October 8. It was enjoyable and we followed up with lots of good contacts. Connecting with our community like that is always eye opening. I learn so much about people when I do this. I'm going to work on being able to do this more often.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Flight: I saw this article on this morning. Passenger tries to open exit door of plane during cross-country flight. Basically someone when crazy during a flight and was pulling on the handle for the emergency exit door. A quote in the story that says "noone was injured". I'm sorry but if I was on that plane then there would have been at least one injured person and it would have been the guy pulling on the emergency handle.

In other news: What's the deal with people not parking in between the lines of parking spaces? I think the parking lines are a great idea, I wish people would use them. I've noticed it's generally large suvs. As an owner of an suv I'm here to tell you they aren't hard to park. You don't have quite as much room on the sides but with a little effort you can get the bohemoth in a spot.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Waiting: I'm waiting for lots of stuff right now. I ordered some books from the other day. 4 books. I saved a few dollars getting them from but if I would have ordered them from amazon they would have been here by now. I ordered some small group materials for our new small group Starting Point, out of North Point near Atlanta. If you haven't looked into this study and are looking for a good one I recommend it! I'm also waiting for my visa to come so I'll have all my stuff for my trip to Russia.

And the biggest thing I'm waiting for which probably has intensified my sense of waiting is for my trip to Europe that starts September 27th. I'll be heading to Krasnodar, Russia where my best friend JB is in language school. He is there with his wife, Iris and son Gavin, who is 2 months younger than Nathan. I have known JB since my first day of college and we have shared many life memories together these last 9 years. I haven't seen JB in well over a year, which is the longest time by far. Thank goodness for cheap calling cards and skype! For 4 days I get to visit JB and I know it will be simply incredible. I also get to go to 3 countries I haven't been to yet- Austria, Russia and Germany.

Working: But before I go there is lots to do. It's weird how hard it is to leave for 10 days. I honestly feel like the whole thing is going to fall apart if I leave. But that thought is absurd. The Bridge Church is made up of a group of highly committed people who are focused on planting a Christ centered, community driven church. So really I'm focusing on making sure they have the tools and resources needed to do what God has called them to do for not just the time I'm away but for the next 3-12 months.

God is good and he works through my doubts, insecurities and through my mistakes. He either works through them, around them, or just makes them irrelevant Regardless of how he does it all the fact of the matter is he works through US (me, you, them) and that thought is as amazing as any I've ever tried to fathom.

Monday, September 11, 2006

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

I remember: I was working nights as a 3rd shift security guard at the college I had just graduated from, Toccoa Fall College. Heather was teaching school and we had only been married a little more than 2 months, almost three. I would come home and sleep while Heather worked so we could have our evenings together before I had to head to work at midnight.

I remember watching the news that morning before I headed to bed. It was a slow news Michael Jordan was talking about coming back out of retirement. I went to sleep instead of watching.

I was sleeping soundly when the phone started ringing. I ignored it a few times but it just kept ringing. I finally answered it figuring it was Heather and she needed something. I answered and just heard Heather say "there's something wrong with the world". I asked her to explain but she couldn't. She just said "there's something wrong with the world, go turn on the tv". Ok I love you, goodbye.

I went out to the front door passed the tv and looked outside. The sun was still shining.

I turned on the tv and immediately was aware that Heather was right- there was something wrong with the world. I stood there frozen, in complete disbelief. Then the tower fell, then the other. I don't remember sitting down but I know I did and I just watched for hours. I somehow knew the magnitude of the day and here I am 5 years later and I still remember where I was and what I did and even how I felt. I do remember calling my mom and brother, dad and sister (who was 9 months pregnant) to make sure they were ok with everything and that they knew I love them.

If there is one thing in my life that changed after 9/11 is that I never left a family member without telling them I loved them. I've spread this practice even to some of my friends that live distances away. Because in case something does happen and one of us dies before we see the other again I want to make sure they know how I feel about them.

Sound small and so simple but I can't think of a better lesson for me to have learned from all that tragedy than love.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I learned two things today.

1. I have small dreams. I was dreaming about things and goals that I probably could have somehow figured out by myself. Today I was reminded that I should be planning for things I cannot fathom, I need to be dreaming bigger than I am. I shouldn't be striving to accomplish tasks but to set up systems and processes that can stretch and flex as needed. Then I went outside to work on my lawn and I learned number two.

2. The people that really need Jesus aren't going to be all put together or quick fixes. They are going to be basketcases with deep problems. They aren't going to be ready for leadership in 3 short steps. They are going to be fractured. Somehow this is not troubling to me at all.

Rejuvenile: I heard about this book by reading one of the blogs I keep up with. I was interested in reading something outside of the typical religious circles I read books from. I wasn't disappointed at all in the book but even still after having finished it I can't quite figure out what the author was trying to accomplish or where he stood on the rejuvenile tendency of some adults.

He exhalted the ability to return to favorite childhood games, hobbies, and toys, which gave me a sense of normalcy. But he also admitted to some freakiness of certain actions towards childhood things. I think ultimately what I apreciated was his stance on maturity doesn't mean we forsake things from our childhood but somehow fun loving and at times carefreeness can be coupled with maturity. He marked maturity as being able to care for and make decisions for oneself.

Books: I just ordered a new set of books. 10 dumbest things Christians do, The Devil's Highway and Go to Hell (a history of the underworld)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pardon Me: Pardon my dramatic anger. When I make an appointment with someone at 9:30 then I expect to be seen within 10 minutes of 9:30. I can't tell you how many times we will take Nathan to a Doctor's appointment and we get there 10 minutes early like we're supposed to and then aren't seen until 30 minutes after his appointment time. If Nathan were a layed back easily entertained kid then it might be a little different but he's very active and likes to go. Asking him to wait that long just isn't fair for him.

But it happens to me when I'm by myself. I made an 11 am appointment to have my new car stereo installed. I walk in at 11 an there is no one in the bay. After I wait for 10 minutes to show up I go to the front of the store and they tell me someone should be back there. This is when I want to say "I'm sure they should be back there but they aren't".

But seriously a little bit more respect of appointments would be great.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Invincible: Heather and I went to a movie last night. It's called a cinema cafe and for those who might not know what that is, it's a movie theater with tables and chairs rather than theater seats and they serve food...and bring it right to you. I assume other places in the country have them but we seem to have a few more than usual around this area.

We were dropping Nathan off at my moms and at my moms house ran into one of our friends that we've met through my mom. She said she had coupons and offered them to us. So...with coupons we enjoyed free admission, a buy one get one free meal and a free large popcorn. We walked away winner and enjoyed night out on mostly coupons.

The of the best I've seen in a while. In a way it's a classic disney sports movie like Miracle or Remember the Titans but in another way do those feel good sports stories every grow old?

The only problem is that the movie features the Philadelphia Eagles and that's just immoral!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mockingbird: Derek Webb is giving away copies of his cd mockingbird at You have to submit 5 of your friends email addresses but it's a free music download of a very inspired album.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ernesto: We are now getting our version of Hurricane Ernesto which means rain, some light winds and depending on the tides, flooding. As Robbie and I decided last night it's hard to take a Hurricane named Ernesto seriously.