Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Flight: I saw this article on this morning. Passenger tries to open exit door of plane during cross-country flight. Basically someone when crazy during a flight and was pulling on the handle for the emergency exit door. A quote in the story that says "noone was injured". I'm sorry but if I was on that plane then there would have been at least one injured person and it would have been the guy pulling on the emergency handle.

In other news: What's the deal with people not parking in between the lines of parking spaces? I think the parking lines are a great idea, I wish people would use them. I've noticed it's generally large suvs. As an owner of an suv I'm here to tell you they aren't hard to park. You don't have quite as much room on the sides but with a little effort you can get the bohemoth in a spot.

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Da Youth Guy said...

Some folks park across the lines to make sure that no one parks too close to their beloved four wheeled whatevers. They rely on the rest of us obeying the rules.

Sometimes I like to pull up nice and close on their drivers side.

Which probably means I'm a bad person