Friday, September 08, 2006

Rejuvenile: I heard about this book by reading one of the blogs I keep up with. I was interested in reading something outside of the typical religious circles I read books from. I wasn't disappointed at all in the book but even still after having finished it I can't quite figure out what the author was trying to accomplish or where he stood on the rejuvenile tendency of some adults.

He exhalted the ability to return to favorite childhood games, hobbies, and toys, which gave me a sense of normalcy. But he also admitted to some freakiness of certain actions towards childhood things. I think ultimately what I apreciated was his stance on maturity doesn't mean we forsake things from our childhood but somehow fun loving and at times carefreeness can be coupled with maturity. He marked maturity as being able to care for and make decisions for oneself.

Books: I just ordered a new set of books. 10 dumbest things Christians do, The Devil's Highway and Go to Hell (a history of the underworld)

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