Thursday, September 28, 2006

Likely incoherent *read at your own risk*


Post Liquid: I’ve live through the post 9/11 flying procedure and while there were some inconveniences during the whole process I think we all understood and handled well the new restrictions. Things might take longer but flights would be safer.

I also recognize that a major terror plot was uncovered in England where gels were involved and we’ll never know the potential tragedy that was averted because of intelligence….but…. I really have to admit that the whole gel/liquid ban is just crazy. I’m not saying it’s unnecessary but it is simply crazy.

Trans-Atlantic Part 1: The trip across was one of the more comfortable I’ve ever had. The plane had TV’s for every seat and played several movies including RV and X3- which was a great way to pass 2 hours by watching X3. The best part was the two seats next to me opened up so I could really spread out. I also finished the book I’ve been reading and listened to a few pod casts I’ve been needing to get to.

Vienna: We went into Vienna today, which sure beat the heck out of spending 14 hours in the airport. We spent about 9 hours out in the city and are now here in the airport spending our remaining 5- layovers are going to be in hell- I’m sure of it.

Vienna was…unimpressive. It is a European city, which is neat but doesn’t hold a candle to Krakow or Prague. Vienna is also expensive! But it was a good day and considering I’m operating on about half hour of sleep it’s been a great day. I like my travel mates and we’ve had fun.

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