Monday, September 25, 2006

Light: Today I woke up at that precarious point where the darkness of night seems to be at its strongest. It's that point where you actually start to wonder if the sun is going to rise to push away the darkness. Today that happened to be 5:15 am. I finally decided that I would have faith that the sun would rise today. Here I sit typing this blog entry starting to see the glimpses of light on the world but still in fact having my doubts as to whether the sun will make it up today...

Celebrate: I want to celebrate some people stepping into leadership roles the past few weeks. I began to forget the perspective change that occurs when you step from participant to leader of a certain group or ministry. Their excitement is exciting to me. So hooray for these people.

Kristy O'Neal: leading our next preview event- 2006 Bridge Community Festival

Robert and Jenni LaCroix: now leading our Thursday night small group- Starting Point.

Mark and Maylene Garrett: facilitating and coodinating leadership for our children's programming for our Sunday afternoon family small group.

Brandon Boyd: serving as my "bounce things off of guy". Great minds think alike...but fools never differ.

I'll stop before this starts to sound like the inside of a cd cover.

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