Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Waiting: I'm waiting for lots of stuff right now. I ordered some books from buy.com the other day. 4 books. I saved a few dollars getting them from buy.com but if I would have ordered them from amazon they would have been here by now. I ordered some small group materials for our new small group Starting Point, out of North Point near Atlanta. If you haven't looked into this study and are looking for a good one I recommend it! I'm also waiting for my visa to come so I'll have all my stuff for my trip to Russia.

And the biggest thing I'm waiting for which probably has intensified my sense of waiting is for my trip to Europe that starts September 27th. I'll be heading to Krasnodar, Russia where my best friend JB is in language school. He is there with his wife, Iris and son Gavin, who is 2 months younger than Nathan. I have known JB since my first day of college and we have shared many life memories together these last 9 years. I haven't seen JB in well over a year, which is the longest time by far. Thank goodness for cheap calling cards and skype! For 4 days I get to visit JB and I know it will be simply incredible. I also get to go to 3 countries I haven't been to yet- Austria, Russia and Germany.

Working: But before I go there is lots to do. It's weird how hard it is to leave for 10 days. I honestly feel like the whole thing is going to fall apart if I leave. But that thought is absurd. The Bridge Church is made up of a group of highly committed people who are focused on planting a Christ centered, community driven church. So really I'm focusing on making sure they have the tools and resources needed to do what God has called them to do for not just the time I'm away but for the next 3-12 months.

God is good and he works through my doubts, insecurities and through my mistakes. He either works through them, around them, or just makes them irrelevant Regardless of how he does it all the fact of the matter is he works through US (me, you, them) and that thought is as amazing as any I've ever tried to fathom.

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