Thursday, August 03, 2006

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No comment on the above picture except that I'll tell you I laughed when I saw it.

LiFE Group version 2.0: Tonight we enter into LiFE Group v. 2.0. We took about a month off from meeting for Bible Study and instead just met for fun. It gave me a nice 4 week break from preparing a study as well as some time to do some master planning for the remainder of the summer and the fall. Tonight we are going to start a new study that will run for 5 weeks with a get together at the end/beginning of v. 3.0 on September 7. This will be a get together to present the options for the fall as well as a chance for our new contacts to meet the LiFE groups leaders and the others that are committed and by the end of the night choose a LiFE Group to be part of.

*why am I so tempted to call them small groups? I don't particularly want them to be small but I want them to be growing and excellent.

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