Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fall Colors: Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons. The rain is tolerable because the temperature is so nice. That and that rain makes for beautiful fall colors on the trees. The hoodies come out, shorts are still being worn, flip flops and the floor heat on in the truck. It might be heaven.

Green Machine: I noticed yesterday that the Green Machine, my 96 Ford Explorer, has seen better days. It was a beautiful work of art in it's prime complete with a 2" lift, 31" BFG AT/KO's, a Safari Brush Guard and KC Dayliters. I'm still real proud of it but...she's starting to wear down.

Giraffe: So I get back from the camping trip and there is a giraffe in my office. This is no small stuffed animal either, it's at least 4 feet tall. I guess it will go with Nathan's stuffed lion. I hope the giraffe doesn't get eaten.

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