Sunday, November 20, 2005

Moved: We have moved from Frederick, MD to Suffolk, VA this past week. The truck was loaded on tuesday and then unloaded on friday. We made it in one piece and enjoyed staying friday night not only in our new home but in our own bed as well. We're back in Frederick for a few days. Today is my final sunday and farewell luncheon and youth party and then Heather needs to finish up work. So on Wednesday we'll drive back to Suffolk to stay, thank goodness.

Fly: I was driving around Frederick last night just gathering my thoughts about this whole transition, thinking about the years past and imagining the years future. The past was comforting, the future was exhilirating but at the same time frightening. EAC has been a place of preparation for me, I have learned much and am ready to use what I've learned in a new ministry. EAC has also been a safe learning place, where people didn't try to beat me down when I messed up or fire me when I made a mistake. I look very fondly at the people of Emmanuel, they will always have a special place in my memories.

The mental picture I keep getting is that of a bird ready to leave the nest.

Birds are meant to fly.

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