Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: I'm setting a couple of goals for 2007. Brandon keeps asking me what my goals are for 07 and I keep giving him a dumb look. So at his prompting here are a few of my goals.

To read 52 books
To lose 52 lbs
To meet 520 new people this year
and see 52 of them come to a Bridge worship service

I would also like to be intentional about reading through the Bible

As a church we will strive to see 52 people make a decision to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ.
(invest and invite)

Those were my goals for 2007. Pretty much I failed at reaching most of those. But don't dismay Mr. Optimistic is here to stay.

Assessment of those goals:
1. I did not read 52 books I read 1 book 52 times (Go dog, go). I did read 21 books, two of which I haven't posted on yet so hopefully I'll get to that today.
2. I did reach my goal to lose 52 lbs. In fact I more than doubled that; as of this morning I have lost 112.3 lbs. (for my canadian readers that's 51 kilos)
3. I did not meet 520 people this year, not even close.
4. We did not see 52 decisions for Christ this year at The Bridge. I think of all the goals to miss and miss it big we did, this one hurts my heart the most.

Stay tuned for my 2008 goals. I'm not thinking I should try to lose 110 more lbs next year...

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