Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ok: So I was bluffing. Actually I've been inspired to blog a little more the past few days. Likely nothing profound, hopefully nothing too profane.

Mental: The easiest thing I do everyday is get up and get to the gym. It's the one thing in my life that is measurable, attainable, and progressive consistently. There may be a day where that changes but for now in my life it's true and I appreciate it. I do two main types of workout- cardio and weights. In the weight room there are two things that limit me- my mind and my body. My mind will tell me that weight is too heavy for me when often it's not, the key to progress in the weight room is letting your body prove your mind wrong.

Running has become a new hobby of mine simply because of this mental game. Many times my body will tell me that I'm tired, that my legs are burning and that my lungs hurt and that I need to stop running. It's easy to stop running, to lower the speed on the treadmill and call it a day after all I'm not letting anyone down. But when I run I know that if I stop now I'll be quitting I also know that I have more physically to give and that I'm mentally quitting.

Sometimes when I run I like to pray. This week I have been focusing on areas that I believe The Bridge is struggling in. These are areas like lust, marriages, finances and others. When I run I begin to struggle mentally and physically I begin to pray for these things and for people because it reminds me the severity of that struggle. Yesterday as I was running to began to really pray and like those times you can't plan God came near. I looked to the heavens which was blocked by a gym ceiling. But I prayed and God was there. I felt tired physically, my legs were burning and I was beginning to mentally break down but God was there and he brought me peace, he brought comfort to my body through running but as a message to the spiritual things I was praying for. For a few minutes I just felt him and everyone else and everything else just disappeared. My legs were light, my body felt good and I ran. And God cheered me on and said keep running and said that when I struggle just keep running because he is near.


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Kristy said...

Yeah, stuff like that? That's why you need to keep blogging.