Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As I mentioned before I've been preaching through the book of Philippians for the month of July and it will continue into the August as well. I love the continuing theme that Paul puts out there, Christ. It's all for Christ, Christ is central, Christ is all, Christ, Christ, Christ.

I've quoted before the surveys of "believers" it continues to shock me and baffle me that about 50% of believers claim that they believe there is more than one way to achieve eternal life. Shocking that as I quoted before that american christianity is 3000 miles wide and 1 inch deep. But Jesus doesn't call us to a mild life of mediocre following.

I just saw on the early show that happy people live longer. One of the things they said is that religious people are happier people so there are actual health benefits to going to church- maybe our next advertisement should be at the ymca (sarcasm intended). I don't want to sound jaded though or get off topic. I just want to remember what Paul said. That he considers all of his achievements rubbish next to what he has in Christ Jesus.

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