Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So um...:What's been going on lately? I'm doing ok. You've haven't called for a while I thought you were mad at me or something. Nah, I've just been busy. So we're cool then? Yeah, we're cool. Are you mad at me? Nah it's no biggie.

Wow now that we got that awkwardness out of the way...

Philippians: I started a new message series on Sunday called Philippians. Like many of my message series the title is a bit deceptive in leading you to the content of the messages.

I've loved studying and preparing for the messages and from the response I've been getting from those in the church they are enjoying hearing them. It's funny the responses you get to a message sometimes. I don't get this too often because our church is very untraditional and very authentic but sometimes I'll get the typical "nice message today pastor". Which unfortunately I always interpret to mean "I didn't hear a word you said and before you ask me about the message I'll just say this". I hope that doesn't sound too jaded and for the record I never ask people about their thoughts on the message.

But then there are those times that I get feedback from people about a confirmation that my message brought them or how it was in some other way relevant to their life. These are the times I most cherish. You can see the tears in their eyes and they are tears of comfort of them knowing that God cares for them enough to speak to me and to them at two separate times and somehow plan to coincide those conversations at just the perfect moment. It's hard to explain but simply incredible. Those are the times I'm so grateful to do what I do and those times that I hope I always get to do what I'm doing.

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