Monday, June 30, 2008

Neighbors: I took this picture last night because I thought it was hilarious that these kids did this by themselves at no prompting. If an adult tried to get 5 kids to sit down and talk it would be a miracle but when it's the kids idea they make it look easy.

Tonight the girls were especially present since I was working outside so I could get some stuff done but still be around for Nathan. At one point the oldest girl (don't want to use their names) asked where Mrs. Heather was? I told them she was at a bible study. They gave me the funniest look and said "what's a bible study?" That thought never occurred to me. I said "they study the bible." She replied "What's a bible?"

It was one of those moments you know doesn't come along often. It's sort of like hearing someone ask "So who's this Jesus guy I keep hearing about."

So I told Nathan to go get his bible books and we'd read them. So there we sat the 5 of us, me reading them Nathan's book Bible stories for kids. It was hard to believe it was the first time they had heard the stories. It was real special for me. They especially like Noah's ark and they learned that whenever they see a rainbow they should know that God loves them. They were looking for rainbows in the sky the rest of the night!

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That is awesome!