Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tim Russert: I hate going to funerals but I enjoy what people say at other's funerals. I especially like to hear what is said about exceptional people when they die. I have the idea that I want to glean what I can from exceptional people for the purpose that I can also be exceptional.

This morning I watched a few excerpts from Tim Russert's funeral. You can catch them here

I must admit that I never saw him on his tv show but I did read his books. It was a real special book for me because my father gave it to me for father's day. It was an affirmation to me as a father and was a confession of sorts for me from my father. The book expresses the importance of father's not the importance of perfect fathers. It also struck such a cord with me because I believe one of my God-given callings is to equip men to be men and in turn to equip men to be the best father they can be- when or should the time come.

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