Sunday, June 08, 2008

Headstand: I could say in a message that to get to heaven you have to do a headstand and people would try to learn how to do a handstand. But if in a sermon I emphasize the gospel of Jesus Christ and that faith is credited to us as righteousness (Romans) and I denounce others that are preaching a different gospel it rattles people. What is it about our human nature that is so driven to accomplish and in our accomplishments we feel God loves us? It's so absurd that that's our logic but we've all been there and most of us live there in that thought. It's as we have security in our accomplishments rather than safety in God's promise. Baffling.

Bum: While on my run tonight I ran into my first bum. By bum I mean someone bumming money. This bum happened to be a 10 year old kid standing in the driveway of his house, in the background I heard the ice cream truck. It made me laugh and I actually appreciated the kids boldness. I told him I don't carry money when I'm out running. The funny part is when I finished my run I was just walking to cool down and stretch my legs and the kid was riding a bike. He asked me if I lived in his neighborhood and I told him just a few houses down. He thought that was the coolest thing...

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