Saturday, June 07, 2008

Daddy: I'm running today on the trail and there are two women ahead of me walking towards me. I notice they are walking two dogs both of which are very large. I'm not afraid of dogs at all but I respect big dogs and so I remember noticing them a little bit more than normal. As I'm running past the women one of them says "You must be the daddy?" I wasn't thinking real straight so I just gave her a confused look (not so much on purpose). I'm then thinking, is she calling me ugly? Is she saying I look like a dog or that we look alike? She then interjects he's a pre-adoption he'd be great for your home.

I felt better about my self-esteem at this point so I told her the dog was cute and kept on running.


Kristy said...

Interesting approach - I wonder if that ever really works.

Nick said...

Not while someone is running.