Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Funny stuff my kid says.

We were at Busch Gardens on Sunday and I needed to change Nathan's pull up. We head to the bathroom and all of the stalls are gross so we just pick a corner and start changing his diaper. Nathan notices the guys line up at the urinals and says (in his loud 3 year old voice)

Daddy, what are they doing?
They're going pee pee.
(thoughtful look)
Are they pushing their pee pee down?

Let me explain: When Nathan uses the potty if he's not careful he pees all over the place so to prevent this I tell him to push his pee pee down. Turns out he wanted to know if everyone used this technique or just him.

I was putting Nathan to bed the other night and he asked me to read a book. It was an old Sesame Street book so I opened the cover and was looking for the copyright to see how old the book was. Nathan looks at me and then looks at the book and says. Daddy, there, aren't, any, words, coming, out, of, your, mouth. Read the book.

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