Sunday, October 29, 2006

Community Festival: Yesterday we had our largest preview event yet. The 2006 Community Festival was great. We had vendors from local and home based businesses. We had games for kids and lots of food and candy. It was a great event that really embodied the value of community. It wasn't just a clever name it really was community. Our 4500 piece mailer was great and we had over 200 people come out to the festival. Kristy O'Neal did a great job organizing the event! I'm so tired today but yesterday was incredible. It was the first of many great things for The Bridge Church!

Community Festival Pictures


chris horton said...

Hey Nick,I did'nt get to read your reply before I deleted it some how. Congrats on your Festival success. Your church website is really cool also!! Looks like God is moving you all towards some awesome growth as well. Many prayers and blessings to you and all involved!! Anything is possible through him!!

Kristy said...

Hey, great photos!