Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hoodie: In a reply to the anonymous comment left a few posts back about men not wearing hoodies. The hoodie should be a major staple in any man's wardrobe. Jackets are cool but the hoodie is a sweatshirt with a garage for your head. Appreciate!


Halloweeners: Halloween...seriously. Do people really decorate for it? It's a major holidays these days. I grew up carving pumpkins and going out for candy. We really enjoyed it. I've never really been anti-halloween...until this year.

We passed out candy to the kids and just made sure Nathan didn't greet the kids in scary costumes. He had a blast without ever leaving the house. Overall I'm disturbed.

I don't want to be a fanatic but I can't help but comment. Halloween is a spiritual celebration. It was believed by pagans to be the time when the spirits made contact with the physical world and magic was most potent. Our acceptance of this pop-culture holiday shows our ignorance or our laziness.


Jason Mitchell said...

Up until the 4th century, mystery cults celebrated the winter solstice. Until they all became Christian and then decided, "Maybe we should keep the party in December, and just say that is when little baby Jesus was born."

I know you knew that, but unless I condemn Christmas, I don't feel right in condemning Halloween.

Kristy said...

The only difference is, they managed to actually change the association with winter solstice to Christmas. It's not so much the history of Halloween that I take issue with, but current practice. Little kids in costumes, even trick-or-treating seems innocent, even cute - but haunted houses and the number of costumes that deal with magic, or evil, or just blood and guts disturbs me.

I'm not sure where the middle ground is.