Thursday, October 26, 2006

Politics: For a few years now I've been trying to figure out what to do with politics. I feel responsible to vote and I feel responsible to have an answer to the question- why do you vote the way you do. There is this dichotomist separation between the repulicans and the democrats. They simply don't represent the same things. The problem is I want to pick and choose from either party. But apparently politics isn't a buffet...

The biggest problem: Right now I'm a staunch republican. Probably because I was raised that way and I've been corrupted from the conservative church. So I'm coming at it from a biased angle like anyone else would. I'm trying to convince myself to vote the other way. But in our system if you vote for one democratic, or one republican you vote for them all. Because of party allegiance most swing the same way.

This post lacks the passion I feel...maybe more to come later.

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chris horton said...

I to have the same feelings and political "upbringing",as well as voting affiliation. I've just thrown every GOP fundraiser I've recieved so far in the garbage. I was always geared to give,now I'm finding other places to give my monies too,rescue missions,food banks,ect.... at least I KNOW the contributions will have an impact upon others...the way representatives of the people are supposed to,but I feel seldom do anymore!