Monday, September 17, 2007

Burden: I've blogged before about my burden and that I'm not supposed to carry this burden. The burden can be anything and can come upon me at any time. The wicked thing about the burden is that I don't see it coming and I don't feel it on me, until it's worn me down and made me tired. Sometimes I don't even know I'm carrying the burden, it's trickery keeps me from recognizing it and keeps me from taking it off.

Sort of like a backpack that I wear that someone is sneaking bricks in when I'm not looking or...maybe even when I am looking.

Heather and I took a walk on Saturday down at the boardwalk at the beach. We walked about 4 miles at exactly the turn around point we noticed a headwind. As we walked the wind got stronger but we finished the walk at the same pace we started. Sometime during that 4 mile walk I felt lighter and I felt more free. I felt God lift that backpack of bricks right off my back and remind me that it's not mine to carry. It's incredible what a conversation with my wife, Heather can do for me. God uses her to minister to me more than any other person on this earth.

So this week I start fresh, I'm reminded that burdens belong to God.

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Great Picture of the family