Thursday, November 29, 2007

Asteroid: Another news report came out about an asteroid that might be striking earth. This 22 million ton asteroid was first thought to be potentially striking earth in the year 2029, turns out we're safe with that one. But unfortunately it's also going to come close in 2036. Mayhem insues.

But to tell you the truth I'm not sure what we're all worried about. Afterall who hasn't seen the movie. I was just watching it the other night. It's really simple really. What we do is get an oil rigging crew from somewhere on an oil rig in the ocean somewhere. See they'll be really good at digging holes because they do it for a living. And everyone knows that putting holes in asteroids is the first step in eliminating them!

Then we just have to teach them to go into space, they'll drill a hole into the asteroid and then will blow up a nuclear bomb deep inside the asteriod. Problem solved. It will be helpful to have several main characters on this mission. We'll need a strong leader type guy, sort of like Bruce Willis. We'll also need a hotshot young kid that knows it all, Ben Affleck is a go guy for this role. It adds drama if the hotshot kid is in love with the leader guy's daughter. Then we need some comic relief from someone like Owen Wilson and viola' problem solved. I'm not sure what we're all so worried about.,2933,313561,00.html

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