Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happiness is:
Nathan stealing all the baby Jesus' from the Nativities in our house. He's got a little baby Jesus collection going...somewhere.
Nathan's rendition of Jingle Bells.
Listening to Third Day's Christmas album
Making up alternate lyrics to secular Christmas songs
People in your church emailing you and saying. I'd like to volunteer for ______________, when can I start?

Legos: This Christmas my messages will be focusing on the incarnation- God become man. How orginal? I know but really its such an amazing act of God I can't wait to bring a message on it.


Kristy said...

I love your theme for this month and am so bummed that I'll only be in the service for one of them.

A few years ago, at Emmanuel, I sang this great song all about this whole idea. Its Steven Curtis Chapman and a little old-school, but the words are just so powerful.

Our God is With Us (lyrics)

Nick said...

I podcast

you can subscribe in itunes: