Friday, April 22, 2005

Cheering: the origins of this thought I can't claim as my own but the illustration of it yesterday was too much to overlook. My wife and I went to a Nationals game, which I was totally stoked about and was just excited to be there no matter the outcome. The game went by with only 1 run scored and into the ninth inning. Throughout the game it kept hitting me how neat is was that 30k people would chant the same thing or all yell "GUUUUUUUZZZman" when he came up to bat.

so back to the 9th inning...Nat's are up 1-0 Braves have the bases loaded and no outs. Crowd begins to cheer, batter strikes out, crowd continues cheers every pitch brings a roar, batter strikes out, two outs bases loaded and if we get the next out the game is over we win. Batter hits the next pitch to the short stop who fields the ball cleanly but throw the ball into the dirt at first base, two runner score.

the crowd never grew silent or turned on their team they still cheered and in fact cheered louder. People are created to cheer, something about it was exhilirating, it was amazing to cheer with so many other people. Isn't that what worship is like? People are created to cheer, people are created to worship.

It was great, now I can't wait to worship with 30k people.

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