Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Writing: Posting has been hard lately between being busy with work and then with my hands full at home I have missed posting. It's not that I have a ton of readers but that I love to write and I think writing helps me out more than it will ever help anyone else out.

Writing helps me understand and recognize more of the earth's beauty. It helps me understand grace and God's love. It helps me stop and realize things that I normally miss. I guess I need to make it a priority.

My son: Every morning I get up with him between 6 and 7. We sit on the couch together, have coffee (he likes his heavy cream), check the email, smile at each other, just normal morning stuff. It's pretty routine but with a baby smiling for the first times in his life none of that is routine. Yesterday I was holding him and I looked down and...felt such a wave of emotion. It's not that I'm thick headed but I realized once again that I had a hand in "creating" this baby. It was such and awe inspiring time. He is mine in the purest sense of the word. He is my child, I love him with a love that is not generated but that is inherent. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Ghetto Mart: I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and there was an unhappy customer. The culprit was a older teen/young adult. An older employee came up and was reassuring the customer that he would take care of it and make her happy. Well the disgruntled customer left and the next customer, with her teen daughter in tow, said to the older employee "it's just this generation, they don't know good manners or customer service." Her attitude was harsh and "know-it-all". I looked at her, looked at the older employee, looked at the teenage daughter and almost said out loud. You're the one that raised this generation so in reality it's you and your generations fault.

I hear that alot, adults complaining about teenagers and young adults...when in reality the one who could change or have prevented it is...them.

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