Friday, May 20, 2005

British Invasion: I have been silent long enough! First of all this Nanny 911 crap they play on TV, it really bugs me. Do we really need brits coming here telling us how to raise our children? Granted someone needs to come here and help people raise their children must it be the snotty, snobby british? Have you ever seen a kid from the UK or Europe? They are horrible and don't know how to behave, but of course we all know if you are British you must be good at raising kids because Mary Poppins is your great great grandmother. It's not that I have anything against the British I just think it's silly to pigeon hole a nation.

Maybe we're just a bunch of British rip-offs though: The weakest link, Trading Places, Queer Eye...the list goes on.

Earthquake: So the earthquake on December 26, 2005 actually shortened the day by 2.676 millionths of a second and shifted the earth's axis by 1 inch. Wow!

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Atypical Girl said...

I think it could be the British accents...makes the nannies sound like they have some sort of special authority.