Friday, May 27, 2005

The Cerda Theory of Self-Limiting Success: I can't get my archives to work but if you look under March 9, 2005 you will find my first comments and theory ideas of self-limiting success. Tonight I was at the Reds/Pirate's game. First of all what a great game! Second I'd like to say that two, count em' two homeruns that ONLY hit the yellow line at the top of the fence. I'm telling you there is something to that theory.

so what of the church? Since I believe this theory is a restraint of the human mind I suppose I should believe that it does apply to the church. So the fact is we're aiming for the fence when we should be aiming to the river or really well past the river and just do it with all of our might. Afterall don't we believe there is NOTHING God cannot do? I believe that...

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