Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Journey: My friend Tim and I were talking the other day on our way home from Retreat. My friendship with Tim has been so unique because we literally have journeyed together from the conservative stance of our denomination to what I would label (with the Help of Brian McLaren) Post-Conservative. Riding in the car Tim said "Nick, I think we're crazy". You have to understand that our conversation generally consists of ranting about the church of america today and our longing for something more, something more unique, something more genuine. I replied "I think you're right, but is that a bad thing?". As we carried on we realized that we first became friends when we were still good denominational boys and now we feel as if we have a secret to keep, an emerging secret. (yeah that's corny I know)

I encouraged Tim and Tim encouraged me to continue on in our quest. There is much right about it. We had to recognize and I think we both made a committment to stick to our denomination as best we can. But we have had to face the stark reality that in order to get anywhere for the kingdom we may have to leave what we have always known in the C&MA. I think we both genuinely hope and pray against that but have had to face that it may happen one day.

So what's so great about Tim is that he listens. When I go wacko and share some heretical view he asks me questions that makes me think. He speaks his mind and he learns and teaches. I value our time, I wish I could keep him with me no matter where I go because everyone needs someone like that. He has such a great 3rd person point of view. Being out of active church ministry and into para-church camping ministry he's fresh. He says he respects me for being able to be constructively critical of the church while still in it, I say I respect him for being able to call it quits.

I know secretly he hopes to get back into full time church ministry. He love people, mainly the lost, he loves God, I hope that God gives him the desires of his heart. God has blessed me, he has stirred me, he works in me. How blessed we are!

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liam said...

God is with you in your quest brother. I know it. Seek his truth in humility and love, and with the passion I know you have. God bless and keep you