Saturday, May 28, 2005

Undignified: To the man that sat 5 rows in front of me tonight. Thanks for being willing to be undignified, your ability to worship was so freeing for me. Especially seeing as you are at least 60 years old and I had you labeled as an old fundie.

Boat: John Ortberg spoke yesterday morning and I'm sure this quote is in his book but I'd like to draw attention to it again. He spoke on Matthew 14 when Peter walked on water. He asked "did Peter fail?" Of course Peter failed. John then asked "was Peter a failure?" Nope Peter wasn't a failure. His point was that people bust on Peter for getting out of the boat and then loosing faith but we often overlook that Peter ACTUALLY walked on water. You see there were 11 other guys that never even got out of the boat and Peter had the guts and FAITH to get out of the boat. Peter walked on water, he failed but is not a failure. The other 11 failed to but they failed without even trying Peter failed and got to walk on water. The only just-human to ever do so.

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