Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hughes Scale from Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age by Ed Stetzer Posted by Hello

I thought this scale was very interesting and quite a valuable tool for people in ministry. This scale was generated for an assessment of churches. I won't go much into it but rather explain the chard.

Content: On the left you see the content value of a church or believer meaning that "A" is high on Biblical content and on the converse "C" is very low on Biblical content. "A" will be driven (make decision/actions) by what is exclusively in the Bible while "C" will stick to tradition. "A" sounds like a pretty good option for a post conservative like myself that believes in the inerrancy of scripture. But strong content that never reaches culture seems like a bungie cord that is 6 feet too long; not very practical and down right dangerous...even lethal

Culture: Model "C" is very low on being culturally relevant and combine what with being low on driven by Biblical content they are a church driven by tradition, neither being true to the Scriptures or relevant to the culture. Model "D" on the other hand is very culturally relevant and excells in reaching the current culture BUT with very little Biblical content or conviction.

So of course we are to "B" being both strongly grounded in the biblical content and relevant to the culture. So that's it model "B".

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