Friday, May 13, 2005

Faithfulness is Fruitfulness:
I realize that there are instances like Jeremiah (or one of the other prophets) when they were obedient to God and his calling and still never saw results. So I know not every minister is going to be "successful". Paul even had his share of failures!

BUT my point is if a pastor says he has a calling then all of a sudden he's off limits and untouchable and unaccountable for his work ethic and results then that is a problem. Some of the laziest people I know are pastors, some of the most dishonest people I know are pastors (taking full time wages for half time work) and unfortunately I think that is the rule not the exception. We need to stop overspiritualizing. When results don't come and there is genuine effort then we can say God is in it, and he is pleased. When results never come because we are lazy then we are a tool of Satan. If you have been a pastor for 20 years and have never grown a congregation then perhaps you missed God's calling and need to go sell insurance! If people fall asleep during your sermons every week then perhaps you need to face up to it that you're not a preacher OR just not spending enough time preparing. If you don't have friends then perhaps you need to realize you're not friendly OR not willing to work on new skills.

But I blame the church. At some point we began to elevate people with lots of biblical knowledge into the pastorship not those with a shepherd's heart. Biblical knowledge makes you no more a pastor than knowing what type of car it is makes you a mechanic.

I say all this not just to get loud, not just to rock the boat but because the current system we are working in (the North American Church) is not working. You can't agrue that. The facts are clear and plain as day. But yet still we continue on the same path of mediocrity and the same ole same ole and willingly send millions to hell.

One of these days I'll stop talking and do something about it, pray for me!

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