Thursday, May 12, 2005

What are we doing?: I know the church is good intentioned. I really think many pastors are doing there best but sometimes I just wake up and think, or sometimes it's brought about by conversations and I just wonder...What are we doing? and when we figure that out maybe we'll figure out what we are doing isn't working.

I have pretty much decided that the next person I hear "yeah we just need to remain faith and get back to..." at about the "get back to..." part I'm going to smack them right in the head. I sure they are good intentioned but if we open our eyes for 30 seconds we will see what "we" (the North American Church) is doing is not working. We aren't even reaching our own children. We are the 3rd largest mission field in the world. So I'm not sure we need to get BACK to anything we need to get moving and at least try something new.

My father once gave me a tiny piece of paper that had a quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

Far better is it to dare many things and win glorious triumphs than to live in the gray twilight where one does not suffer much nor accomplish much.

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