Thursday, May 05, 2005

Not Needed: So we just got back from our annual District Youth Retreat. Really the year hinges on this retreat, it is often used as a launching pad for the summer and then the next year. I don't mean to put too much value on it but it really does serve as a major event.

So the "come down" off retreat is always hard and always so drastic for my students. This year they didn't quite get into retreat like they have before one reason because they are getting older and the second is that it is mainly the same thing they do every year. So last night I prepared my message to help them out. To help them realize that it starts with retreat and continues with themselves the rest of the year.

Before I even started I heard a guys conversation with a group of guys about starting a student led bible study and a girls conversation with a group of girls about a girls accountability group. I was so stoked. After they heard my message I could tell they were relieved. Relieved that they were wacky for not "feeling" it and relieved that they had a group that was dedicated to growth year round.

Now the hard step putting it into action. But hey if that's all this youth pastor has to do, help soem student led stuff keep moving them I'm all over that like stink on a buffalo fart. I think I'm working myself out of a job, GOOD!

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