Friday, September 30, 2005

For Sale: Our house is on the real estate market as of today. Our house is listed HERE, for the curious folks who read my blog. I'm hoping they get the picture up later this morning.

Cat: I had to send my dog home with my mom because there would be no place to keep him when people come see the house and some people are afraid of dogs that might be potential buyers. So George made the move to VA before us, he's doing just fine. But the cat gets to stay because no one is afraid of cats. Well Maggie has taken to being friendly again now that she's not constantly being harrassed by the beast. It's sweet and all but again I'm reminded that cats only love you conditionally, you serve them. They've got the system figured out.


Da Youth Guy said...

Always remember to a dog you are God,
To a cat you are staff.

Peace, good luck with the house sale!

PA said...

As someone on the buying side of this quite recently... the only thing I would suggest about your web ad would be to add more interior pics! I know we checked stuff extensively on the web before we even took a look at the real thing.