Monday, September 19, 2005

Machine: The verdict is in...I am a machine. In the past two weeks I have been working around the house. Let's see the rap sheet.

Removed shutters, cleaned shutters, painted shutters...Pressure washed house, replaced shutters and painted trim.

Stained deck.

Painted front door to match shutters.

Installed pergo floor in my entry way. (Thanks to my father-in-law for the help...well really I helped him)

Painted bathroom.

Fixed water damage around bathtub.

Laid new vinyl flooring.

Accidentally ripped out toilet...w/out unbolting it thus destroying.

Installed new toilet...not in the plan but was an easy install but require an extra 2 trips to Home Depot.

so tonight I need to paint the 1/4 so I can caulk around the tub and put the 1/4 round back...voila...bathroom finished.

I am the machine.


Knotter said...

Wow! Want to come fix up my place next?

Derek said...

It's not Home Depot. It's THE Home Depot. I've wondered whether or not they just started doing that, and you just proved my point for me. Thank you.

me said...

You must be all pooped out after that.