Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wedding: I knew when the experience happened that I would want to write about it. I also knew that I would never be able to put words to such a divine experience. I also knew that I would still try. So here we go. I was in a wedding this past weekend for my friend who I have known since the first day of college. We have a great friendship and even though we live several states and a couple hundred miles away we still maintain a close and growing closer friendship.

I was serving as a groomsman and during the ceremony I began to feel...very...loved. Is the best way I know to experience it. I saw my friend getting married and his soon to be bride. I looked at them both- both very imperfect people, both screw ups, mess ups, can't get it right, just like everyone else humans. I saw their imperfection but I felt something much different. I felt something higher than humans are capable of, higher than can be achieved through effor.

Aside from my own wedding I have never even teared up at a wedding. I'm just not like that. But as my other friend also in the wedding party stood admiring his friend getting married I saw a tear come to his eye, he glanced at me and we both felt the feeling.

I think it was the idea of unconditional love, the feeling that although we screw up so much Christ loves us unconditionally. Anthony and I talked about it later. He called it grace, I couldn't argue.

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