Saturday, September 24, 2005

Painting---- CHECK

Just a few more things to do, little ones, and I'm all finished. It's been a good run and I've done good work and gotten a TON done and boy am I tired.

This week I'm off at our District and Prayer Conference and then Friday the house goes on the market.

Catalyst: I registered for the Catalyst Conference. I'm looking forward to Don Miller (of course) and Andy Stanley the most but I know some of the other guys will win a fan in me after I hear them speak. We'll leave out on Monday the 3rd and spend a few days with Heather's aunts. I'll attend the labs on Wednesday and then the conference on thursday and friday. While I'm doing that Heather will show off The Boy to her family.

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Grant said...

I'm going too!!!

Let's hook up!!

drop me an email and let's hook up for a coffee or meal or something!!

5englishes at