Sunday, July 23, 2006

500th Post: Oh yeah I hit my 500th post a on my last post. I was going to zip by it without a pause but I second thought that and felt it worth mentioning.

What Else: There's been a good bit going on but right now on this lazy Sunday afternoon just doesn't feel like the time to blog on it all. Who knows though the more I type the better I might feel about writing it all down.

Blue Grass: Last night we bluegrassed it up down at Chesapeake Park with some friends. Bluegrass playing in the background the ladies talking, the kid running amuck and the guys throwing the football. It was pretty much the perfect summer night.

Month Ahead: I got approval to use both the neighborhood pool area as well as Bennett's Creek park for our School Opening Festival. We're going to use our pool area. The party will be just for the our neighborhood kids and we're celebrating the opening of our new 800 student elementary school. The school is going to be a beauty and will also be what I believe to be a turning point in the previously poor Suffolk Public Schools. I'v been in contact with the Administration with the school and we're meeting later this week to talk about the Creekside/Bridge Church partnership.

The part will feature some grade level competition, individual games, a photo booth, as well as prices and get to meet the prinicpal time. We, of course, are going to use this time to meet out neighbors, get our church out there and show people that we value children and what our children's ministry will be like. I'm so excited!

Beach Bash: August 12 the teenagers of the Mid-Atlantic District of the C&MA are sacrificing a few of their hours on the beach to help out The Bridge Church. We're going to distribute 5,000 door hangers/post cards. With all that man power it's cost effective and too great an opportunity to pass up. That day we'll also host a few mini festivals for children at local parks with balloons and temporary tattoos.

Pastors: If you are a pastor and keep up with my blog please read this and take it to heart. My wife and I walked into a church today with our son Nathan. Nathan was walking and him being only 17 months he walks pretty slowly. We walked by 3 men at the outside door, they were talking we didn't receive a wave, smile or even glance. We walked into the foyer and just sort of waited to be greeted. After it was obvious that wasn't going to happen we proceeded to find the nursery. There were no signs no directions and no greeters to point us the way. We finally found the nursery and once again were left to guess what we should do. Basically this goes on and on and after the service when we left only 3 people had met us and knew our names and 0 people knew anything more than our names.

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