Friday, July 14, 2006

Captain America: I served as the program director of Summit Grove Campt in New Freedom, PA last week. I'll comment more about how the week wnt. I definately enjoyed it and the week of service served me than required me to serve. But perhaps the general highlight of th week was this. I was about to go up to do a general introduction of myself, I hadn't met many of the counselors and none of the students. I was thinking about what I would say and figured that it'd be pretty boring for me to stand up there and say "Hi, I'm Nick, I'm your camp director this week, love me." So instead I stood up there and said "Hi my name's Nick but people call me Captain America, welcome to Summit Grove Camp". So for the past week my name has been Captain America.

Sabbath: Sabbath is the new buzz word in the church particularly with Gen X-Mosaics so I don't mean to jump on this band wagon. I was driving up on Sunday and I listened to a few of the Catalyst Podcasts and the people talking kept brining up Sabbath and being the new buzz word I was just sort of ignoring the word but trying to grasp the concept but like fasting I figure it would be something that led to frustration not freedom in Christ or connection to him. But this week while I was serving I was being served. I forgot the power cord to my compy, I wasn't dependent on my ipod, I didn't read, I didn't feel pressured to work, I just work with the students and counselors. I hung out with my friends, I had a good time. Most of all I unplugged, whether intentional or not I unplugged from my computer and my regular life and it was sabbath. Not planned but great.

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Da Youth Guy said...

Sabbath is a great concept, don't let the current "buzz" get you. It is of course just a return to some old school stuff - the day of rest. Since so many of us have forgotten how to actually do that rest thing it now comes with instructions.

Sabbath is a concept we desperately need to teach our youth.