Sunday, July 09, 2006

I won't even put a title on this. I'm sitting here in the middle of a field on a picnic table at Summit Grove Camp in New Freedom, PA. The breeze is cool this morning and any idea of a rant that I had has left me and I'm just enjoying the cool breeze, the slight smell of skunk in the air and the fact that by driving a mere 5 hours last night I have escaped into another world where church planting is what I do and not who I am. It's been fun sharing with friends what we've been up to and what's even more fun is telling them what we're going to be doing these next couple months. I know I'm going to be tired at the end of this week of working a jr. high camp but I also know I'm going to be refreshed. I've asked God to meet me here this week not that I deserve it but because he give his children good gifts.

Habitudes: I had never heard of this guy or the ministry before but I highly recommend it after hearing a cd of the catalyst lab I purchased last October. Check out his website here-> or go straight to the store and cash in on the 3 Habitudes books for only $27 bucks. I'm pretty sure they're going to be worth it.
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Learn: I really learned a lot yesterday driving up here. I took advantage of my time alone in the car and took the time to listen to some stuff I had on cd and my ipod. I had mostly labs from Catalyst but also a few sermons from Rob Bell, one of my favorite communicators. It was a good trip and despite the trafic I actually enjoyed it.

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