Monday, January 21, 2008

Books for Sale: I've sold a good number of books but wanted to repost this to save myself some effort and perhaps you some money. I'll be putting these books on Amazon starting next Monday so if you want any of these books them speak up.

Anderson, Robert The Effective Pastor; a practical guide to the ministry
Atteberry, Mark 10 dumbest things Christians do
Barron's Jack Russel Terriers
Bell, Rob Velvet Elvis
Bivin, David and Blizzard, Roy Understanding the difficult words of Jesus
Blunt, Carl The secrets of the simply youth ministry
Bradley, Michael The Secret Societies Handbook
Brown, Catherine The Jack Russell Terrier
Chrisafulli, Church and Thompson, Kyra Go to Hell
Cladis, George Leading the team-based church
Colson, Charles Lies that go unchallenged in popular culture
Colson, Charles How now shall we live?
Cook, Arnold Must my church die?
Cunningham, Sara Dear Church
Dekker, Ted The Martyr Song
Dobson, James Solid Answers
Downs, Tim Finding Common Ground
Fields, Doug Your first two years in youth ministry
Fox, Emmet The sermon on the mount
Gangel, Kenneth Team Leadership in Christian Ministry
George, Carl Preparing your church for the future
Godin, Seth Purple Cow: Transform your business
Greig, Peter & Roberts, Dave Red Moon Rising- how 24-7 prayer…
Grenz, Stanley and Franz, Jon Beyond Foundationalism
Harris, Sam Letter to a Christian Nation
Johnson, Spencer Who Moved my Cheese
Kennedy, D. James Skeptics Answered
Kimball, Dan The Emerging Church
Lamott, Anne Traveling Mercies
Lindsay, David Mayflower Bastard
Lowry, Eugene The Homiletical Plot
Mansfield, Stephen Faith of George W. Bush
Manual Adobe Photoshop CS2 Classroom in a book & CD-rom
Martoia, Ron Morph
Maxwell, John The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader
McCartney, Bill Blind spots; keeping your church for greatness
McGee, Robert The search for significance
Miller, Steve Spurgeon on Spiritual Leadership
Mouw, Richard Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport
Noxon, Christopher Rejuvenile; the reinvention of the american grown-up
Ortberg, John If you want to walk on water you've go to get out of the boat
Palmer, Jim Divine Nobodies
Peacock, Charlie New Way to be Human
Preaching Today More perfect illustrations & CD-rom
Pritchard, Ray Credo
Pritchard, Ray An Anchor for the Soul
Pritchard, Ray An Anchor for the Soul: bible study
Robbins, Duffy Everyday Object Lessons for youth groups
Robison, Haddon Biblical Preaching
Schaeffer, Francis How should we then live?
Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet
Smith, Gordon Beginning Well: Christian conversion and transformation
Sweet, Len Jesus Drives me Crazy
Swindoll, Charles Flying Closer to the Flame; Holy Spirit
Wood, Gene Leading Turnaround Teams
Wright, Norman Crisis Counseling
Yancey, Philip What's so amazing about grace?

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