Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ought Eight: So here we are in 2008. Thoughts evade me right now but I feel compelled to get something down here at Thinking Padre. I haven't had time to sit down and think through some of my goals for 2008 but before I do I want to consider something.

I wonder as I get older as I flip through calendars or consider pictures of the past and I come to pictures of 2008 what will I remember. I'll definitely remember my 2nd son being born, I'll remember that Nathan turned three this year. I won't likely remember my physical achievements, I won't remember how much money I made or that I drive an awesome 1995 Honda Accord. I might remember that the Redskins won the Super Bowl (I can dream right) but I won't remember many things about this year.

I wonder how many of my memories of 2008 will be things I planned for or things that just "happened" to me. It seems seldom do our lives go as they are planned and our happiness is dependent on how well we accept those "happenings" rather than how much we cause them.

Perhaps that's how I should consider what my goals will be for this year.

I believe I have come to my first goal of 2008.

1. To make sure I'm right in the middle of what God has planned for me. To obey him with reckless abandon and to strive to be content where he would have me. At first writing this sounds negatively passive but I believe it is the most active thing I can do sometimes.

God keep me aligned this year...please.

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Jon said...

Hey bro,
Hope you're doing well.
Blessings to you in 2008.
May God keep us close and clean.