Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Bucket List: I have a policy that I don’t cry during tv shows or movies. My thinking is that there is enough to cry about in real life why shed tears for something I’m not personally involved in. But I’ll admit there are times that I do cry during movies, by crying you should know I mean a tear will come to my eye and while I silently blink back the tear, note single tear, I try to figure out a way to touch my eye so I can dry the lone drop before it begins its escape from my eye.

Last night Heather and I went to see The Bucket List. I knew I was going to shed that tear during the movie, I mean how can you not when you watch a movie about 2 terminally ill cancer patients that become friends? But no need to defend myself I’d rather tell you about the movie.

Rarely do I entertain the thought of losing my life and leaving my family on this earth without me. It’s not that I’m that narcissistic but that I hate the thought of… well I’m not quite sure what I hate the thought of. I believe it’s the fear of leaving my family alone, it’s the desire of always wanting to be there for them, especially when they need me.

I guess what most of us want in life is to live a nice long life, one filled with challenges we overcome. I guess most of us want to cheat death a little bit, we want to stretch it out as long as it’s going well. I also believe that the reason why terminal illnesses are so devastating, besides the death part, are that they steal life before they actually bring death. Maybe I need to dwell on that before I declare that my official stance.

Well I’ve gone on for four paragraphs now and I’m not sure what I’ve said besides some sporadic ramblings about life and death. Go watch The Bucket List. It’s a good movie and thought provoking.

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