Thursday, January 31, 2008

Work differences by generation:

The consulting firm Concours Group makes these insightful observations:

Workers under 35 tend to:
Feel less loyal to institutions or the larger workplace than older workers but while they’re working for you consider themselves very loyal.
Want to take on responsibility right away.
Want to give input and not earn their way up.
Be unafraid to make decisions.

Workers age 35 to 54 tend to:
Be more anti-authoritarian and idealistic.
Be ambitious, flexible, and people-oriented.
Have more distrust for leadership.
Stay in their role longer because people ahead of them are retiring later.

Workers age 55 and up tend to:
Be more loyal to their organization.
Trust authority and respect rules.
Feel people should pay their dues before being given responsibility.
Value financial security.
Have higher social skills, making them ideal for customer service.

( Adapted from CMA News, Issue 101, 8/06)

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